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Self-Defense - Biomechanics and Safety

At the Academy of Martial Arts Tankyushin, we practice a composite of Aikido (using locks to throw and immobilize), Judo (body contact throws and ground immobilizations), Karate (to develop good attacks - punches and kicks against which we learn to defend), Kenjutsu (sword techniques), Kobudo (the use of traditional weapons), Self-Defense (practical and lawful means of protecting ourselves and others). Because of our emphasis on understanding the techniques and questioning every aspect of our practice, especially safety, we incorporate the study of Biomechanics and Safety .

Aikido is a contemporary martial art based on an efficient, practical, law-abiding system of joint locks, controls, and rolls. Aikidoka or students of aikido rely solely on the strength strictly necessary to subdue an attacker. Techniques are always practiced with the intent of avoiding permanent injury.
This system of techniques provides students with close-quarter defense tactics drawing from a range of throws, leg reaps, foot sweeps, and grappling skills designed to bring an attacker under control on the ground.
Karate is primarily a striking art utilizing an array of punches and kicks, along with elbow, knee, and open-handed strikes. Key elements of karate are integrated into the study of Tankyushin for two purposes: to equip students with an understanding of the components of an attack; and to provide students with the means to use appropriate counter-attack measures in order to bring conflict to a controlled, lawful conclusion.
Kenjutsu , the Japanese term for ‘the art of the sword’ is also taught using the ‘bokken’ or wooden sword. Typically, basic techniques may be performed solo or in pairs, while more advanced students learn proper defenses suitable for defense against multiple attackers.
Kobudo is loosely translated from Japanese as ‘old martial way.’ It generally refers to classical weapon traditions including bojutsu (the art of the long staff) and jojutsu (the art of the short staff), both of which are part of the Tankyushin curriculum.
The Academy of Martial Arts Tankyushin also teaches a compendium of street-wise attacks and appropriate empty-handed defenses. Self defense tactics must not only be respectful of the law, they must also be seen to be lawful, utilizing only the force necessary to safely and effectively subdue an attacker.
Biomechanics and Safety
Since some of the techniques use joint locks to help unbalance and immobilize an opponent, a basic knowledge of joint movement is essential in order to perform the techniques safely.

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